Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Why People Hate John Cena

John Cena is the WWE’s poster boy... and has been for the last... 9 years, which in wrestling terms feels like a millennia, he has been at the top longer than Hulk Hogan, Bret hart, Stone Cold and The Rock ever was in their Primes. And yet by the vast majority of the WWE fans (I refuse to call it a universe) that aren’t teenage girls or little kids, he is despised!. Not like disliked... he is vilified. And the WWE i don’t think understands why he’s hated, they sell Anti-Cena t-shirts but they don’t understand why. And here it is... Change...
Cena has had the same lame vanilla ice fake marine gimmick for ten years... thats a decade. Think about this. Hogan through the 80’s and 90’s wore the red and yellow, tore of the t-shirt took his vitamins and said his prayers, the audience by 96 got bored of the same crap. And to Hogan’s credit he knew he had to change and roll with the times he helped form the NWO, he became the ‘Bad Guy’ and in a way become even just as popular, another is The Rock, he went from the all American hero Rocky Maivia, to the leader of the nation, to the corporation to the peoples champ, to the Hollywood sellout and yet despite all that The Rock is loved and cheerished by ALL fans, much like Austin did, Triple H and even the Undertaker they changed and rolled with the times Its got nothing to do with his(lack of) wrestling ability or the crappy promo’s its just currently on WWE tv CM Punk is the most interesting character to watch because he has evolved so much in the last yearr and half from the disgruntled employee to the pipebomb champion of the voiceless to his alliance with Paul Heyman and becoming a weesle of a champion and the fact that at the time he was 400 days plus as champion, unheard of in todays era, he knows how to connect to the fans on every level, whilst cena is strugglin to get any positive reaction from fans
It would be silly to say that Cena is not in the same league as Hogan he is the top guy in the WWE whilst currently CM Punk is the Randy Savage the second top guy... But Savage was always the more fascinating to watch than Hogan, had the better feuds and had the better matches I’m Doing My Best not to Bash Cena, but change is necessary in this business, people get tired really quickly of the same shtick and Cena has been Doing The same shtick for 10 years.

Royal Rumble... after thought

Sunday night with my girlfriend away for the weekend, I had one of my best mates Wags come over for essentially a bit of a guy night... we watched a bit of the NFL pro ball (cheering on the NFC) but as soon as 1am came... we switched over and watch... THE ROYAL RUMBLE, now for me the Royal Rumble is my second favourite PPV of the Year, being behind Wrestlemania of course. The first match of the night... was simply the best of the night (who’d have thought that?) Del Rio vs Big Show in a rematch of their Last Man Standing match a few weeks ago on Smackdown. This was a really good match and for the last five months big show has been putting on the best matches of his career, one of the highlights of the match was when big show chokeslammed Del Rio off part of the rumble set through a table. The finish came from when Del Rio knocked show on the mat and Ricardo taped shows feet to the ropes so he couldn’t get up before the 10 count. A really good finish and a suspect will not be the end to this fued Just to quickly go over the tag match between Team Hell No and Rhodes Scholars it was a good match, I really did expect Kane and & D-Bry to lose the titles, but the hint of their implosion was seeded in the royal rumble match itself. So to quickly move on... this rumble for the first time in many many many years I had no real interest in, because as a ‘Smark’ I knew what was gonna go down John Cena was gonna destroy all and win and then go on to face The Rock in the twice in a lifetime match for the WWE title at Wrestlemania 29, But i really hoped I would be wrong especially since Dolph Ziggler earlier in the night gave a promo saying that he would enter at number 1 and win and then unify the world and wwe titles at mania... and the fanboy inside of me was excited, I honestly believed after that Ziggler would win.
And when he entered at numero uno I believed... I really believed that he would and well he didnt, Cena Won and I lost interest even my friend Wags who isn’t a major wrestling fan declared his hatred for Cena. And then I knew The Rock would go on to defeat Cm Punk, in what was really, I pretty boring, uninteresting match despite having two of the greatest wrestlers ever in it. I don’t know whether it really does show that The Rock is really rusty still in the ring (he’s wrestled 3 matches in 8 years) or that CM Punk really didn’t give his all especially since he’s been very vocal on his distain on The Rock coming and going on WWE TV, we got the screw job type of finish where the lights went off (me stupidly thinking that The Undertaker was returning) but instead we got The Shield attacking The Rock, Vince then coming out about to strip Punk of His title only for the rock to deliver a peoples elbow, get the win and become champion.
overall, this wasn’t a very good event, Cena winning killed the crowd, no one wanted to see it, and everyone knew after that, The Rock was going to beat CM Punk, the whole event itself was a little underwhelming with the highlights of the rumble being Jericho’s and Goldusts returns getting the biggest pops of the night. I just hope leading up to Mania season the WWE writers pull something better out of their asses.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Evil Almost Rising - Halloween Experience Review

After the lacklustre Horror Camp live, I was determined to find something that would wash the rotten taste left in my mouth from previous events. I believed I found it when coming across the website for a local company promoting their FIRST horror attraction. I just had to go (especially since I was pondering what I would be doing on Halloween night... even contemplating going to the cinema to watch a special screening of the rocky horror picture show) however this was an opportunity not to be missed. I persuaded my girlfriend and my four best friends to come along too (though Sam didn’t need much convincing either since she came with me to Horror Camp Live) So alas the night came, All Hallows Eve my motley crue were summoned in the dead of night to this industrial estate the other side of Worcester to participate. I’m not going to lie to you it was cold, it was p***ing it down with rain and our group where scheduled to go last. But the powers that be decided to put us into the group before us to create a huge group (at least 15) and sent us into the... Danger zone.

 And wow! From the get go this had me gripped. We were rushed into this warehouse and came across something resembling pennywise the clown who shoved us into another room where the plot began to unravel. A girl tied to a chair clearly possessed whilst these two army men told us what was happening. Straight away I felt at home, this felt amazing. Then BANG! We had to run out of the warehouse and away from the site... Unfortunately this is where things start to get very very unfulfilling due to unforeseen circumstances. The group became split. The faster runners reached the ‘scene’ before us and were allowed to keep running away whilst we were held back a little to partake in the story before being sent on our way. This led to virtually nothing, as we missed... everything... every twist and turn and plot point.

 Lagging behind we never managed to catch up with the rest of the group which meant we missed one of the pivotal points in the story line because we didn’t have the pot of salt in which to capture the demon. Stopping to speak to the characters along the way deemed difficult as they struggled to adlib when we told them we had no salt. Willing to pretend for the sake of the story and a good time we carried on only to then come across what looked to be the events coordinator to be told that it was over and they believed the last group had already gone through. This was the most heart breaking thing to be told and completely took me out of the plot and the involvement. It was then so hard to immerse myself back into the game. For the rest of the ‘journey’ we continued to run from the infected and met a few more characters along the way with near misses into the canal.

 The end was something to be desired, as, there wasn’t one? After coming out of the graveyard and walking through a residential area for what seemed like an eternity without guidance or signage to direct us, we were greeted by the zombified actors who had, a few seconds earlier, flew past us in a mini van.

I am in no way bashing the ‘Evil Rising’ experience, as I really did enjoy the beginning and the set up (much better than the established ‘Horror Camp Live’) but because of one mishap and no communication it did ruin the event for us as we didn’t experience anything other than being chased for miles by ‘the infected’. The funniest highlight was both myself and one of my best mates almost urinating on a zombie... no kidding, that nearly happened and, it would have happened if the actor hadn’t made a noise before we began... and when nearly peeing on a zombie is the highlight it’s a bit disappointing. It is a shame to not be able to give this event a better review as it had SO much potential, purely because we became the unfortunate ones that couldn’t run quick enough for the others, and the inability for the actors or coordinators to fix the problem that occurred. A suggestion would have been to maybe have someone run out from the point that we were told it was over a provide us with a salt pot so we could be involved in that part of the story. Alas it was their first event and obviously nothing goes without a few teething problems.

If my review is based around the first warehouse scene, it was phenomenal and more action like this with the amazing effects will go down a storm! This definitely won’t be my last experience with evil rising as I believe they have the ability, and WILL exceed this event almost indefinitely. I will be there next time have no doubts about that.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My Girlfriend is Banemazing

I LOVE HALLOWEEN, and my girlfriend loves making stuff... so as an awesome suprise my girlfriend carved probably the greatest Pumpkin of 2012(bold statement) BANE!!!! please check out A Hidden Gem - Gemmdesign for some more of her amazing work HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Our Night at Camp Mass Acre

Me and one of my Closest mates Sam Lane(it’s just easier calling you that Sam) are massive horror fans, we love trashy horror, slasher, paranormal, monster movies and it was sheer luck that i found out about Horror Camp Live on Facebook, I looked at their website and was instantly hooked, it sounded amazing, being in a horror movie scenario, spending a night in Camp Mass Acre ... do you get it? Mass Acre... Massacre, But I digress... The story sounded amazing, something that would keep you on your toes. Me and Sam decided this was a no brainer, we were gonna go, but despite our suggestions neither of our partners, My Girlfriend Gem and Sams FiancĂ© and one of my Best Mates Jimmy decided against joining us on our frightful adventure. 

*Skipping to The Day Of Arrival* 

We were informed that under no circumstance were we to arrive earlier than 19:45 on the Saturday
we got there and was greeted by one camp leader heavily in character(Dawnee) as well as workers for Horror Camp Live not in character but part of the Production Team behind it and got us to sign our consent forms and told us the do’s and the don’ts etc etc  and then we were lead down the actual camp site where we met the other camp leader Davey(who was camper than a row of tents)
We sang a little camp song, did a little dance until we were viciously met by the farmer who dressed like WWE Superstar The Undertaker but looked the spitting image of Wolf from Gladiators who called himself ABHRAHAM CLEAVER and he was my favourite performer of the night, and he delivered some more cryptic lines as well as stumbling over some of his dialogue but he was effective as hell. 

Now from here I promised i wouldn’t reveal spoilers, especially for those who haven’t been yet.
But all in all it was a disapointing night, we had fun for the most part and some parts really really did drag, but it was just little things that could have been changed to make the experience so much more effective, but in my conclusion if your a casual horror fan this is definitely for you as there are multiple twists and turns as well as a few shocks in the middle of the night.
Overall I’d give the night 2/5 
give credit where credit is due most of the scare actors gave it all in their roles, but for the majority of the night we were just twiddling our thumbs and before the experience was over, I honestly just wanted to go to bed and drive home the next day. This wasnt worth the astonishing amount that you charged, thank you for the time but I unfortunately wont be seeing any more of your attractions in the future based on my own experience.

all pictures copyrighted by HORROR CAMP LIVE

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Great Promo Work For Heroes

Here is some great promo art for Heroes Of Modern Mythology created by my Close friend Kishore, who is an incredibly talented artist and helped me out alot